A model of coding

Fashion and science rarely go together, but to model Karlie Kloss, nothing could make more sense.

According to The New York Daily NewsKloss has launched “Koding with Klossy,” a camp that aims to teach girls computer coding.

Writing in motto from Time, the model said she dreamed of following in her father’s footsteps by becoming a doctor; in fact, she even had plans of studying medicine until she was noticed in a local mall, which led to her modeling career, according to the News.

But Kloss still sees a need for the next generation of female leaders to enter the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. She wrote:

“Too few girls pursue math, science and programming. Women are underrepresented on campus. Half of all college students are women but only 12% of computer science majors are female.”

Kloss started to remedy this problem last summer when she launched a scholarship for girls, and with the launch of her coding camp, 80 girls from New York and her hometown of St. Louis will have the chance to discover the field of Kloss’ initial interest.

The News says that the camp is a “free two-week program [that] will teach girls to build real apps with code.”

While coding and fashion may seem unrelated, Kloss readily sees the parallel:

“I’ve also discovered that coding and fashion have more in common that I originally thought — both require creativity, problem-solving and self-expression.”

And Koding with Karlie should allow students to engage in just that.

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