Young journalist curbs her competition

There is no rule that says a ‘professional’ has to be a person of a certain age. Just look at Hilde Kate Lysiak, and you’ll see that professional prowess comes in people of all ages.

According to Women in the World, a division of The New York Times, Lysiak is a 9-year-old multimedia journalist and the founder of the Orange Street NewsBut just because she is young doesn’t mean Lysiak doesn’t take her job seriously.

In fact, Women in the World says that she reported a local suspected murder case ahead of “more established competitors with her scoop and the headline, ‘Exclusive! Murder on Ninth Street.’ She posted a story and video from the crime scene, and promised readers that she was ‘working hard’ on the investigation.”

Acting on a tip she received from a “good source,” the young entrepreneur and her parents received some backlash on her publication’s Facebook page on Saturday, April 2, according to Women in the World, but her father — a former reporter for the New York Daily News — said, “she’s really motivated.”

So far, her Orange Street News has garnered 18,000 pageviews in the past month, according to Women in the World, and even has a “print edition that can be mailed to subscribers for $10 a year.”

While Lysiak is certainly a flourishing journalist, she told the Washington Post this week that she does it for the love of information.

“I just like letting people know all the information,” she said.

Spoken like a seasoned journalist.

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