Rowland imparts wisdom in ELLE interview

With a stint in the successful Destiny’s Child, a fruitful solo music career and a forthcoming makeup line, it’s safe to say that Kelly Rowland has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. So when the accomplished singer and businesswoman imparts her keys to success, it’s probably best to listen up.

In a new interview with, Rowland shared 10 pearls of wisdom she has come to learn throughout her life. In between sharing how the perfect outfit or shoes can change your mood, the importance of taking care of yourself or even how women are better at juggling a work/family balance, Rowland had some important things to say about embracing difference and creating inclusive fashion and beauty industries.

In speaking on makeup, Rowland explained that the impetus for her new line came from her own personal experience. “This [makeup artist] made me so pink,” she told “And then she tried again and I was green. She tried again and I was way fairer than what I really was — my neck and my face were a different color.”

While acknowledging the makeup artist’s attempt, Rowland said she then learned to carry her own makeup with her. Sharing that women of all skin colors should feel like they have makeup that will match their pigmentation, she explained the aim of her new makeup line.

“[My new makeup line], actually no one knows this, but we titled the project ‘For All Created Equal.’ It’s makeup for everybody. I think that a lot of women of color will sometimes feel like their color either is discontinued or, you know, not there…And I am making makeup for everyone. I’m going to make sure that I nail every single foundation and concealer color for women.”

Rowland also addressed the increasingly more representative fashion industry, sharing that she was so excited to see more diversity at this season’s Fashion Week.

“I literally got emotional because I was watching the women walk down the runway. All different skin colors and everything,” she told “And when I saw these one, two, three, four ladies walk down the runway and they had little afros, I had tears in my eyes. Because there was a time where that wasn’t acceptable, and the fact that that is the style, it is the fashion, it is what’s cool, that’s awesome.”

But perhaps her best piece of wisdom came when she discussed the importance of embracing our differences. Telling that she wished someone had told her how unique she was, she said she believes that women aren’t often told of their positive differences.

“Sometimes we kind of get lost to what someone else is, or who they are, and what they say, and what they wear, and what they look like,” she said. “And it’s cool to be inspired — that’s one thing — but I feel like some of the young generation might want to try to be like someone else. And I think it’s important to be unique. The world would be so boring if everybody looked the same.”

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