More than princesses

Happy endings, ballgowns and prince charming — these are just a few of the things that little girls dream about when they imagine what it would be like to be a princess. But rarely discussed is what girls would dream about if they were shown that girls can be more than just princesses.

According to The Huffington Post, 4-year-old Keira dreamed of being a pilot, and when crowned Disney’s princess for the day by staff on a 2011 trip with her family, she told mom Becky Thompson that she didn’t want to be a princess. Instead, she wanted to be a pilot.

Her desire to be more than just a princess spurred the creation of Thompson’s I Don’t Want To Be A Princess, “a website that shares content about inspiring women and sells T-shirts meant to empower rather than pamper girls,” says The Huffington Post.

Sharing information on inspirational women throughout history like Rosa Parks and Marie Curie, Thompson told The Huffington Post that one goal of her website is to show that being a princess is not a viable career, but instead “it’s an adjective we throw at girls. I’d rather throw different adjectives at them.”

In addition to educating readers on inspirational women both past and present who have asserted their place in society, the site also sells T-shirts featuring words like “strong” and “confident” written across them to show that females can be more than just pampered and fragile.

Speaking on the aim of I Don’t Want to Be A Princess, Thompson told The Huffington Post that she wants to encourage women of all ages to look beyond what society tells them to be. Instead, she said, they should “look within themselves for what they want to be.”

Because of this, Thompson designed her products to start a revolution. “How powerful it would be to call girls words other than ‘princess?’” she mused. “What could we accomplish if that happened?”

But make no mistake: Thompson told The Huffington Post that she is not criticizing those who want to be princesses. Instead, she is merely offering an alternative that previously never existed.

“As the mom of a girl who didn’t want to be a princess, I found few to no alternatives existed. I want to give all girls the confidence to be who they want to be.”



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