De-stigmatizing the ‘f-word’

Model Olivia Campbell wants to remove the negative connotations attached to the f-word.

According to Good Morning America, the British plus-size model makes the case in a video for StyleLikeU that the word “fat” is not necessarily bad; instead, it is merely an adjective to describe a person or thing.

“For me, fat’s not a bad thing. I am fat. Like, I am fat,” Olivia Campbell said in the video in which she stands in only her underwear to illustrate her point. “It’s just a descriptive word.”

The empowering video comes as part of StyleLikeU’s seven-year series entitled, “The What’s Underneath Project,” which “tries to break down society’s notions of style and beauty, founder Elisa Goodkind told ABC News.”

Campbell, a single mother, detailed in the video the long and painful process of not only accepting herself as she is, but also accepting the word “fat,” according to GMA.

“For years, it was possibly the worst thing you could say to me,” the model aid. “Why is it such a bad word? How dare you be fat and happy?”

Saying that the term made her cry for years while also making her believe she “was worthless and useless,”Campbell said it took a long time for her to appreciate her body.

“I’m happy with my body, I’m happy with my madness,” she shared. “That’s all I can ask for really.”

Thank you, Olivia Campbell, for modeling acceptance and self-love for us all.



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