ModCloth dives into body-positive swimwear

Everybody has a bikini body — that’s what ModCloth’s new swimwear line is proving.

According to TODAY, the body-positive fashion retailer announced earlier this week the launch of their in-house swimwear line, “High Dive by ModCloth.” Featuring everything from retro to sexy silhouettes, TODAY says the campaign to promote the new line places the company’s employees and customers in front of the camera to model the styles.

ModCloth co-founder Susan Gregg Koger told TODAY that these swimsuits aim to please women of all shapes and sizes.

“At the end of the day, it’s not about unreal women and real women — we’re all real women, we all have bodies,” she said. “And when we put swimsuits on, we all have swimsuit bodies.”

With a Los Angeles photoshoot featuring employees and customers alike, Koger explained that she hoped to celebrate the diversity of the female figure — something the company has stood behind since its inception and still sees a need to address today.

“This is still an important conversation,” Koger told TODAY. “If you look around on social media and at everything that’s been happening — Amy Schumer calling out Glamour for putting her in the plus-size issue… the conversation is definitely still relevant.”

While the company and its new line aims to celebrate all body types, Koger said that thinner women are certainly not excluded from their mission.

“Women who have figures that are more like traditional models are real women as well, right?” she offered, according to TODAY. “So we wanted to do even more, and show the diversity in the ModCloth community. That’s part of what makes life so beautiful and interesting.”

Helping to kick off the launch of the line is a new video series called the Hot Tub Roundtable. The series’ first installment features Koger and three female entrepreneurs enjoying a hot tub while decked out in the new ModCloth swimwear, discussing “what it’s like to be a boss and run your own business in the digital age,” reports TODAY.

Hoping to put out a new video at least every other month, Koger told TODAY, “”I’m excited to sit down with other interesting women — I want to talk to women of different ages, women from different backgrounds … Let’s get a rocket scientist in the hot tub! That would be so cool.”




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