Google proposes empowering female emojis

With a 79-cent wage disparity between men and women in the workplace, it’s no surprise that equality in the business world is still fought-for ideal. But there is even a difference in the way the genders are portrayed professionally in animation.

Enter Google, which has just proposed a new line of emojis that portray women in a variety of careers, reports the USA Today. The collection includes 13 new characters with a “goal of highlighting the diversity of women’s careers and empowering girls everywhere,” according to Google’s proposal to the Unicode Consortium for the new emojis.

While there are currently upwards of 1,000 standardized emojis used worldwide, CNN Money points out that “the current emoji selection feels implicitly sexist, showing men running and policing while women dance and cut their hair.”

In their proposal, Google wrote on the decision to create the emojis: “Given the fact that women are the most frequent emoji users, and that they span a wide professional spectrum not yet reflected in current emoji, we want to help address this pressing matter of equality.”

Acting on this, Google created new characters that depict women as farmers, rock stars, doctors, and even software engineers. While it is not yet confirmed that these emojis will get the green light for a wide release, CNN Money says that their chances look promising.

“One author of the Google submission — Mark Davis — is also the president and co-founder of the Unicode Consortium, which could make it more likely that the proposal will be approved.”

Whether or not the consortium sees a need for the new emojis, Google seems to stand by their decision to craft the new characters:

“No matter where you look, women are gaining visibility and recognition as never before,” Google argued in the proposal. “Isn’t it time that emoji also reflect the reality that women play a key role in every walk of life and in every profession?”



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