TV can never be #toofemale

With women like Priyanka Chopra and Kerry Washington occupying lead roles on prominent network television shows, it is safe to say that women are only starting to earn their due place on TV. However, one network thought one pilot show was “too female.”

According to The Huffington Post, CBS announced plans to shoot a pilot called Drew, a spin on the Nancy Drew book series, in 2015. The show was set to star Person of Interest actress Sarah Shahi, who would play a detective working for the New York police department.

But on Saturday, it was reported that CBS passed on the show. While The Huffington Post says the show is being “shopped around,” Deadline reported that, “CBS found that although the pilot episode tested well, it ‘skewed too female.’”

Enter the feminist Twitterverse, who took to the social networking site to share their disappointment and criticism over the show’s snub along with the hashtag #toofemale.

One user wrote, “Today we learned that t.v. cannot be too racist, too homophobic, too misogynist, too white, too middle-class, or too male — just .”

 is code for ‘this wasn’t written under the male gaze, it doesn’t cater to my male taste. I’m uncomfortable,'” another tweeted.

Shahi also joined the conversation, thanking her fans — both male and female — for their support, while also promising that something “amazing is around the corner.”

However,The Huffington Post said that CBS has yet to explain “what exactly makes a crime show starring a woman ‘too female’ for its primetime schedule.”

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