Coding like a girl

Girls can code — if only being a female didn’t get in the way.

That’s the snarky message behind Girls Who Code‘s latest campaign, according to ELLEwhich aims to draw attention to the gender bias in technology. Released on Tuesday, May 17, ELLE says “the series of videos tackles women-specific ‘problems’ — like menstruation, being pretty or having boobs — that explain why girls supposedly ‘can’t’ code.”

Each video in the series centers around a specific theme that answers the question, “Why can’t girls code?” One sarcastically posits that menstruation makes it impossible for girls to code, while another offers that girls’ beauty gets in the way of their academic and professional endeavors in the field.

Two girls explain that they can’t code in one video because, “”It’s hard to code when you can’t stop crying … Or when you’re having mood swings.”

Another video depicts one teen attempting to use the computer, but she promptly stops to fix her nail polish, which chipped after a few strokes of the keyboard.

The video series comes at a time when women’s place in the tech industry is wavering, at best. According to a March 2015 article from The Huffington Posta study found that the percentage of computing jobs held by females has dropped over the past 23 years, with 26 percent of such positions being held by women in 2013 as compared to 35 percent in 1990.

The study, done by the American Association of University Women, also found that the number of women holding degrees in the field has also decreased.

But with this campaign clearly pointing out the lunacy of the gender bias present in the tech industry, maybe more girls will decide to pursue the tech path — and prove everyone wrong in the process.


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