Nude no longer ‘one color fits all’

On the heels of Christian Louboutin’s March release of a nude shoe collection designed for all skin colors comes another brand that is attempting to redefine “nude” in the fashion industry.

Enter Naja, a lingerie brand that Glamour reports has launched a new “Nude for All” collection that features seven different shades of nude for women of all skin tones. Included in the new line are “T-shirt bras, thongs, and briefs meant to disappear under your clothing,” according to Glamour.

While there are certainly more options for women to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which shade is best for your skin tones. That’s why Glamour says Naja paired their garment colors with foundation shades from popular makeup companies like Nars, Bobbi Brown, MAC and L’Oréal — this way, women can match their foundation from these brands to the lingerie to find a perfect match for their skin.

Last summer, British brand Nubian Skin infiltrated the American market with four new shades of nude to pick from, but Glamour says Naja’s seven shades are certain to give women more of a choice when it comes to picking a truer nude. “Nobody has ever done seven shades,” Naja founder Catalina Girald told WWD.

The trigger for these expanded colors? Glamour reports: “It was the absence of darker neutrals that led to the line being made; Girald got busy after watching gymnast Gabby Douglas in the last summer Olympics and noticing how her lighter-toned nude ankle wraps were such a dismal match to her actual skin tone.”

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