Karan designs new healthcare program

Although renowned fashion designer Donna Karan retired from the fashion industry in 2015, she is far from finished making an impact in the world.

According to Women in the World, Karan recently launched Urban Zen, a bohemian-inspired luxury collection for sale at Bergdorf Goodman. But in addition to the new line, the icon also launched Urban Zen Integrated Therapy, which aims to “bring alternative healing treatments into traditional medicine,” says Women in the World.

The idea for the therapy program came from her own personal experience in taking care of husband Stephen Weiss as he was dying from lung cancer. She noticed that, while the hospital staff was directly targeting the disease in their efforts, caring for Weiss himself seemed to fall by the wayside, reports Women in the World.

Partnering with UCLA Medical Center and Beth Israel hospital, the Urban Zen Integrated Therapy program will bring reiki, aromatherapy and yoga into the hospital setting in order to serve the patients beyond pure medical treatment.

But her efforts don’t stop there. Women in the World says that Karan has also been working with the Clinton Global Initiative to “help artisans in Haiti expand their own businesses in the wake of the 2010 earthquake there.”

Way to go, Donna Karan!

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