Dunn stars in new campaign

When fashion and philanthropy combine, you know the product is going to be something stylish and worthwhile — and that’s exactly where #ActuallySheCan’s latest campaign comes in.

According to InStylethe model Jourdan Dunn has recently been featured in a new campaign for #ActuallySheCan, a movement to promote and encourage strong, empowered women. The collaboration came about to promote their new inspirational tank tops, which were created in conjunction with Le Motto, a company that creates products inscribed with positive statements and sayings.

The 25-year-old model was photographed with minimal makeup wearing the motivational tanks, which having sayings such as “Less drama. More karma” or “Less hesitation. More meditation” scrawled across the front.

But the tanks’ positive messages won’t just brighten your day — they will also make a difference in the lives of women across the United States. #ActuallySheCan says that the majority of the proceeds from the tanks will be donated to AcademyWomen, an organization described as empowering “aspiring, current and past women military leaders through mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to impact positive change locally, nationally and globally.”

InStyle says Dunn spoke on the inspiration behind the tanks, explaining their uplifting purpose this way: “The #ActuallySheCan tanks are the perfect way to inject some positivity into your life, with motivational slogans that encourage the best in all of us.”

To purchase one of these tanks and benefit AcademyWomen, click here — and be sure to “wear your motivation”!

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