ModCloth moves forward with fight to end Photoshopping

Photoshop is slowly becoming no friend to fashion — between Aerie’s #AerieReal campaign and ModCloth’s history of promoting body positivity, there is less space in the industry for the notorious editing program. And now, ModCloth is attempting to ensure that extreme photoshopping is stopped altogether.

According to Bustle, the retailer sent Co-Founder Susan Gregg Koger to Washington D.C. with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Rep. Lois Capps and Rep. Theodore E. Deutch on June 16 to “help raise awareness for the Truth In Advertising Act, a bill designed to regulate the use of material image-altering (aka unethical use of Photoshop) in advertising.”

First to sign the Truth in Advertising pledge in 2014, ModCloth thus promised to never edit the models featured in their photos in any way, says Bustle, aligning with their motto of being “committed to inspiring personal style and helping our community and customers feel like the best version of themselves.”

Bustle reports that ModCloth has partnered with I Am That Girl an organization that helps girls foster a sense of self-love — and The Representation Project — a movement to inspire people to overcome societal stereotypes — to promote the Truth in Advertising Act through a letter-writing campaign. The campaign asks supporters of the act to write to their congressional representatives to support the bill.

To participate in the letter-writing campaign, ModCloth and their partners created a site through which supporters can easily look up their representatives and submit a letter digitally, says Bustle. The goal is to have sent 10,000 letters to congressional representative to support the act, and so far, almost 2,900 have been submitted.

Speaking on behalf of the act, Bustle said a press release from ModCloth detailed Koger’s explanation of the bill’s importance and its potential effects in Capitol Hill. Koger said:

“Portraying women in an honest and realistic way is essential to fulfilling our brand purpose of empowering women to be the best version of themselves … It demonstrates to young women that measurements are a fact, not a judgement. We want to lend our voice and the support of the ModCloth community to this movement to stop the extreme and harmful Photoshopping of women in advertisements.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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