Sandberg brings women together in new campaign

A new campaign from Facebook COO and Lean In founder Sheryl Sandberg has one message for women of all ages and circumstances: Women are better when they work together.

According to the Huffington Post, the #LeanInTogether initiative was launched on Thursday, June 23 with the aim of celebrating “the power of women helping women.”

Parterning with AOL MAKERS, the Lean In organization launched a video called, “Together Women Can,” featuring successful women like Emma Watson, Kerry Washington and Abby Wambach to draw attention to the campaign. Showing just how women support each other on their journeys to success, each woman featured in the video thanks someone who has helped them become the powerful and prosperous women they are today.

Rachel Thomas, president of the Lean In organization , explained to the Huffington Post the impetus behind the initiative this way: “It’s important to shine a light on the huge number of women who encourage and help each other every day … There’s a stereotype that women don’t help women, but it’s just not true.”

The Huffington Post says Sandberg also commented on the importance of the women featured in the video, stating in a press release, “So many women are lending their voices to this campaign because they have benefited firsthand from the support of other women and know what a difference it can make.”

Reminding us that there are no bounds to what women can achieve when they work together, the women in the video say in unison, “Together we can get to equality. Together we can raise our voices. Together we can stand up to anything and anyone.”

And perhaps Sandberg sums it up best when she says, “When women lean in together we accomplish amazing things.”

To watch the ‘#LeanInTogether: Together Women Can…’ video, click here.

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