All represented in proposed change to Canadian national anthem

It’s time to change the antiquated, male-specific language that marks many countries’ traditions — that’s what lawmakers in Canada are trying to say with a recent proposal.

According to Women in the World, a vote was held on June 15 to change the lyrics of the country’s national anthem in an effort to make it gender equal.

“Since 1980, ‘O Canada‘ has been the country’s official national anthem,” reports Women in the World, “but the song was originally written in French a century earlier for the 1880 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day ceremony, then translated to English later.”

The potential change will affect the line that says, “in all thy sons command,” with the revision making the lyric, “in all of us command” to make it inclusive of all genders. The edit, which was proposed in January by Mauril Belanger of the Liberal Party, aligns with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s agenda to promote gender equality, says Women in the World.

An attempt to change the lyrics was ventured in 2010, says Women in the World, but it was dismissed. For the most recent legislation to pass, it will have to be given a green light via a vote from the Senate.


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