A ‘model’ for all ages

H&M‘s latest swimwear campaign doesn’t feature an up-and-coming 20-year-old model, nor does it feature a model concealed in layers upon layers of makeup. Yet, the face of the retailer’s recent swimwear advertisements is beautiful anyway.

Fashion stylist and model Gillean McLeod is taking centerstage in H&M’s newest swimwear campaign, according to TODAY Style, and she’s doing so at the age of 60. The resident of Los Angeles, California only began modeling seven years ago, though TODAY Style says McLeod thought about pursuing the career path when she was a teen.

Explaining that she wasn’t very confident in herself back then, McLeod told TODAY Style, “I think it’s better at this point in my life” that she pursue modeling.

Proving that she now has all the confidence that she thought she once lacked, McLeod’s ads for H&M show her sans professional hair and makeup styling, according to TODAY Style, revealing her natural beauty.

McLeod told TODAY Style that she’s shocked by the response that she’s been getting from the campaign, as she’s been flooded with new followers on social media. “It’s been a positive response but I’ve stopped reading everything, because you can go down a rabbit hole with those things,” she said.

While McLeod proves that age does not determine beauty, the model herself shared with TODAY Style the importance of being confident at who you are — no matter your age.

“I think that women need to be comfortable with themselves. You just have to start with yourself, you can’t look at these retouched magazines,” she explained. “You have to love yourself.”


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