Easy makeup ‘app’-lication

A new app is about to take the guesswork out of trying on makeup and picking out the perfect shades for your skin tone.

According to Fashionista, London-based makeup company Rimmel hosted a press event on Thursday, June 30 to unveil their new “Get the Look” 3D makeup simulation app. “Developed in conjunction with London digital agency Holition and billed as the ‘Shazam of beauty,'” Fashionista reports, “the app invites users to take a photo of a makeup look — it could be your friend, a beauty editorial, a billboard, whatever you’d like — and then try it on yourself.”

Fashionista reports that users can select different looks — from bright lips to winged eyeliner to subtle eyeshadows and everything in between — to virtually “try on” within the “Get the Look” app.

Users can even send different looks to their friends via e-mail, text or social media, and “you can also view a selection of Rimmel products that promise to help you achieve said look, and buy those products via Google Shopping,” says Fashionista.

Citing online makeup tutorials as the source of an increase in makeup consumption around the world, Vice President of Global Marketing at Rimmel and Manhattan Montse Passolas told Fashionista that this app helps to make the replication of makeup looks more attainable.

“You used to need a makeup artist to know how to do contouring, and now you don’t, you go online, it’s so accessible,” Passolas said. “We wanted to create something that enhances that experience … that allows you, when buying makeup online, to still try it on.”

While the app is currently available for iPhone and iPads in the United Kingdom, Fashionista says that it will reach the United States in the coming weeks.

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