Everybody has a beach body

If you’ve ever felt insecure putting on a bathing suit, you’re certainly not alone. But a new campaign is here to tell you that you can strut your stuff on the beach and feel comfortable, confident and beautiful, flaws and all.

According to the Huffington Post, a new string of ads by swimwear company SwimsuitsForAll has decided to tear down the concept of the thigh gap — a purported space between a woman’s thighs. The message behind the campaign: you are beautiful in a swimsuit no matter your body type, shape or size, whether you have a thigh gap or not.

Featured in the campaign is Ashley Graham, who has a collection of swimsuits with the online retailer, as well as Aerie model Iskra Lawrence and fellow models Denise Bidot and Jordyn Woods, says Huffington Post.

Each model was photographed from behind, says Huffington Post, showing each woman’s  best ‘assets’ while simultaneously taking down the notion that a thigh gap is necessary to look good in a bathing suit.

SwimsuitsForAll’s adjoining social media campaign — #myswimbody — was first launched in May, says Huffington Post, and encourages social media users to share their own swimsuit photos. But the recent thigh gap ads further drive home the message that everybody has a beach-ready body.

“Mind the gap, or don’t mind the gap – who cares?” SwimsuitsForAll said in a statement, according to Huffington Post. “It’s the summer of #MySwimBody!”

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