Weiner encourages women to #WearTheSwimsuit

Summer is here and there’s more than just humidity in the air. Thanks to author Jennifer Weiner, body positivity is flowing around the Internet just like a warm weather front.

According to TODAY, the “Who Do You Love” author took to social media recently to encourage women to share their swimsuit selfies online using the hashtag ‘#WearTheSwimsuit.’ With a goal of helping women of all ages, shapes and sizes to see that they are beautiful in their own skin while also dispelling the myth of the “perfect beach body,” Weiner kicked off her social media movement sharing her own swimsuit selfie, says TODAY.

In her post, Weiner shared the impetus behind the #WearTheSwimsuit campaign, explaining that while society is slowly starting to be more accepting of various body types, many women are still “missing out” on summer fun because they dread the mere thought of putting on their swimsuits. But, she said, that can change. She wrote:

“Science shows that the more non-supermodel bodies we see, the less likely we are to beat up on ourselves. That’s true for women, and for girls, too many of whom start worrying way too early about how they look and what needs fixing.”

Since her June 30 post, many women have shared their own swimsuit photos with adjoining messages of self-confidence and self-acceptance, says TODAY. While the #WearTheSwimsuit movement has already commanded a significant response, the closing words of Weiner’s post call us to not only participate by sharing our swimsuit selfies, they also encourage us to inspire a change in those around us.

“We all need to be the change we want to see in the world,” she wrote, according to TODAY, “and so, this weekend, I hope you’ll consider being the woman that the women and girls in YOUR life see in a swimsuit.”

To see photos from the #WearTheSwimsuit campaign, click here.



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