A ‘major’ fashion line just launched with Revolve

There’s a new fashion line in town, and it’s sure to be hotter than the summer sun this season and beyond.

Just launched on Friday, July 8 on revolve.com, ELLE says that brand Majorelle is the kind of line designed for the globe-trotting girl with an eye for style. Creative director of the line Rachel Zeilic told the magazine of the prototype girl for which the line is created.

“I really design for a dream girl. Someone who is not so much defined by her job or something, but her mindset,” Zeilic told ELLE. “She’s a girl who wants to travel the world, who likes having fun, who likes to be on her private jet or a yacht, or not. She is completely gorgeous, fabulous, she doesn’t live in one place.”

Zeilic also explained that the color palette for the line was heavily influenced by a trip to Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. “The soil there is really pink so that translated to the beautiful blushes in the collection,” she told ELLE.

Citing Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad and Gala Gonzalez of Amlul as just two of her inspirations for the line, ELLE says the collection consists of everything from off-the-shoulder tops, to denim rompers, to white eyelet dresses and printed maxi skirts.

So what does it cost to dress like a natty nomad? ELLE says that Majorelle keeps their prices between $100 to $200.

What better time than the summertime to experiment with a chic new line! Check it out here.


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