Williams for the win

Serena Williams has proven yet again that she is one of the best athletes there is.

On Saturday, July 9, the tennis powerhouse cruised to a 7-5, 6-3 victory in the Wimbledon women’s finals, beating Angelique Kerber to take home her seventh singles title at the tournament, according to the USA TODAY. This win was also her 22nd Grand Slam singles title, which tied the Open Era record held by Steffi Graf, says the USA TODAY.

Throughout the entire match, the USA TODAY reports that “Kerber only managed one break point opportunity” and it was “quickly erased by a Williams ace, one of the 13 she struck in the match.”

Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, told the USA TODAY that the invincible Serena he saw on the court on Saturday was the “true Serena” he’s always known.

“Today, when she’s in trouble, 15-30: boom, boom. This is Serena. When she needs to lift her level, to close: boom, she does it. This is Serena. I didn’t see that for eight month,” he said, referring to the slow starts she faced coming off of tough losses like that of the 2015 U.S. Open, in which she fell to Roberta Vinci.

So how did Williams overcome prior defeat? The USA TODAY reports that Williams had this to say on regaining her confidence on the court:

“I had to start looking at positives, not focusing on that one loss per tournament — which really isn’t bad, and anyone else on this tour would be completely happy about it,” she said. “Once I started focusing more on the positives, I realized that I’m pretty good.  Then I started playing a little better.”

Congratulations, Serena, on your well-deserved win!

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