May to be the next PM of Britain

On the heels of the recent ‘Brexit‘ decision, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that he would resign from his position — but the day he resigns is much sooner than once thought.

According to the USA TODAYCameron announced on Monday, July 11 that he will be resigning on Wednesday — yes, Wednesday, July 13 — and set to take over for Cameron is current Home Secretary Theresa May, making her the second female to hold the position in the country’s history.

“Cameron’s announcement came just hours after May’s only competitor for Conservative Party leader and prime minister — Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom — dropped out of the running,” reports the USA TODAY.

With a reputation of “steely determination,” the USA TODAY says that May has a “willingness to stand up to the men who traditionally dominate British politics” that likens her to previous British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

May “joins German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the leader of one of Europe’s biggest nations,” says the USA TODAY, ad “if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. presidential race in November, women would be in charge of the Western world’s most powerful countries.”

An Oxford graduate, May is part of the Conservative Party, the USA TODAY reports, and has served on Cameron’s cabinet since 2010 as the home secretary — a position that is described as “one of the most challenging jobs in government, involving immigration, national security and crime,” and a position she’s held longer than any other politician in the last 50 years, according to the USA TODAY.

And now May can add the title of prime minister to her resume.

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