A beach body for everybody

Summer 2016 will surely be known as the summer of body positivity. With recent movements by both Swimsuits for All and author Jennifer Weiner, there is a push to break down the longstanding notion of a ‘beach body.’ But Buzzfeed’s latest video takes body positivity to a new level, this time, including men.

According to the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed published an article on July 5 following two employees as they debunk the concept of the ‘beach body.’ In an adjoining video called, “WTF Is A Beach Body?”, Buzzfeed’s Nyla Wissa and Kane Diep share why they think they don’t have a ‘beach body.’

“Even though I was always told in my household to love my body, the way media photoshops women’s bodies has had an impact on me,” Wissa said, according to the Huffington Post.

Diep offered another perspective, says the Huffington Post, saying, “Especially in the gay community, with images of fit men with [built] abs and torsos and shoulders and arms… you look at yourself, and it’s very average, and it feels very unsexy.”

Both pointed to one factor that affects the way they see themselves: the images projected by the media. Starting off with a host of magazine covers promoting ways to achieve a “perfect beach body,” the Huffington Post says the video shares that “only 5 percent of American women fit the “ideal woman’s body” seen in ads, while men and women both tend to score their physical appearance around 6.4 on a 10 point scale.”

To resuscitate their body-positivity, the pair embarks on a “photo therapy” shoot, according to the Huffington Post, in which they hit the beach in their swimsuits and posed for a photographer in order to learn to love their so-called imperfections.

While Wissa and Diep admitted that they were rather nervous at the outset of the photoshoot, the duo came to appreciate those things they once considered insecurities.

When asked if the pictures make her feel like she has a beach body, Wissa said, “I go to the beach, and I am in my body, so yeah, I have a beach body.”

To watch the full video, click here.

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