Rousey stars in new Reebok commercial

There’s no such thing as perfection, and UFC star Ronda Rousey is just fine with that.

The fierce MMA fighter just released a new commercial with Reebok, depicting Rousey at first on a photoshoot set looking, well, perfect. But Rousey isn’t there to just look pretty; she’s on a mission to prove that perfection never helped anyone achieve their goals.

As she steps off of the set, she rips off false eyelashes, wipes of lipstick and tears out hair extensions, putting her hair up and seemingly suiting up for battle. In the quick 30-second spot, Rousey commands attention by sharing all of the things that perfection never accomplishes, prompting the hashtag ‘#PerfectNever.’

“Perfect never gets truly tested. Perfect never gets to silence its critics,” she says in the video. “Perfect never gets a shot at redemption. So yeah, I’m fine not being perfect.”

The Bleacher Report says that video references Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 that snapped her undefeated streak. However, the site also points out that the commercial makes it apparent that Rousey is ready to fight — not for perfection, but for redemption. Even the video’s ending with Rousey punching a heavy bag says that she’s more than ready to silence her critics and defend her talent.

Chasing perfection may be fruitless, but proving yourself — that’s something we can get behind. Go get ’em, Ronda.

To watch the whole ad, click here.

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