Gender-equal emojis get approval

Emojis just got a little more inclusive, thanks to a recent decision by the Unicode Consortium.

According to Glamour, Google announced on Thursday, July 14 that “a new set of emoji[s] that will represent a wider range of professions for both women and men has just been approved by the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee that oversees emoji creation.”

Proposed back in May, the new line consists of 11 emojis in a variety of professions that appear as both male and female, while also coming in a spectrum of skin tones, reports Glamour.

The new emojis also go a step further, offering female alternatives to the traditionally-male characters and vice versa; Glamour says that there will soon be female versions of the “male police officer, runner, cyclist, or private investigator,” while men will also be depicted get a haircut or “giving a sassy palm up reaction.”

So who’s to thank for the new gender-equal emojis? Engineers Rachel Been, Agustin Fonts, Nicole Bleuel, according to BuzzFeed — and of course, Google and the Unicode Consortium.

While Glamour reports that the release date for the new characters is still unknown, this is definitely a positive step in promoting gender equality in a small, but significant way.

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