Threads that mend

There are threads other than medical stitches that facilitate the healing process — that’s what a new project from the Starlight Children’s Project of Canada is proving.

According to Buzzfeed, the organization has partnered with local fashion designers to bring stylish hospital gowns to hospitals around the country. Buzzfeed reports as of July 12, the project — called “Warb+Robes” — has delivered about 100 fashionable gowns to children and teens at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

While Senior Vice President of Development at Starlight Trevor Dicaire told BuzzFeed that he hoped the project would make a difference, he said he was “blown away” by the positive response, saying that their personalities were “transformed” as a result of the gowns.

“Seeing the smiles, hearing the giggles, watching the excitement… I knew we had to bring this program to as many hospitalized teens in Canada as possible,” he told Buzzfeed.

Already eyeing over 130 hospitals in Canada to bring Warb+Robes to, their goal is to serve young patients, says Buzzfeed, while also helping them maintain a sense of hope and a sense of self in an environment that can often be devoid of such sentiments.

Perhaps Dicaire summed up the project’s aim best when he told Buzzfeed, “It’s not easy being a teen and it’s even tougher to be a teen suffering with a serious illness.”

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