U.S. Olympic team has most female athletes in history

The United State’s Olympic team will be sending their most talented athletes to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August, but this year’s team is already breaking records before the games even begin.

According to First Coast News, the U.S. Olympic team announced their 555-athlete roster on Monday, July 18, and 292 of those qualified athletes are women. FCN says Olympic historians found that this marks the highest number of women ever competing for a given nation at a single Olympics.

Historians say the previous record was held by China at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, reports FCN, in which 289 women competed in the games.

While the U.S. also had between 282 and 288 female athletes competing in the Beijing games, FCN says that Team USA will boast a team with more women than men for the second straight Olympics following Beijing: “In London, the U.S. had slightly more women than men, the first time in Olympic history that it sent more women than men to an Olympics.”

With the current athlete count sitting at 292 women and 263 men, according to FCN, the roster is subject to additions and substitutions even through the actual Games.

Regardless of potential changes, we’re proud to be represented by the best female — and male — athletes in America.

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