Larson enters the Marvel universe

When Captain Marvel was introduced in the 1960s, Marie Claire says the character was the first leading female character to enter the Marvel universe. And now, that character will be brought to life by none other than Brie Larson.

The Room” actress and Oscar winner is set to take on the role of Captain Marvel (or Carol Danvers) in a 2019 film called, “Captain Marvel,” reports Marie Claire. The news was announced at the recent Comic-Con event held for the forthcoming film, in which Larson attended the cast’s panel discussion.

Marie Claire explains Larson’s character this way:

“Captain Marvel began as Carol Danvers, a superpower-free person who fell in love with her friend, the original Captain Marvel. Carol became Ms Marvel, and later attained superpowers after an accident. The weird bit was that Carol didn’t know she was Ms Marvel, and Ms Marvel didn’t known she was Carol.”

A brief stint with the Avengers and memory loss via X-Men’s Rogue all combine to make this a highly complicated character, but as Marie Claire says, “The film will finally act as an answer to all the desperate calls from fans for Marvel to hurry up and make more films that give the company’s female characters justice.”

Amen to that.

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