Fashion Finds: Team USA

Fashion and athletics pair together like no other when the Olympics roll around. And for Team USA, they’re set to make one stylish grand entrance when they step into the Opening Ceremony in Ralph Lauren’s specially-designed ceremony attire.

Ralph Lauren shares on the company website that it took 292 people to craft the ceremony uniforms, with over 1,100 members of Team USA set to be outfitted in Polo Ralph Lauren paradewear. The ceremony attire itself is comprised of a sleek blue blazer, patriotic boat shoes, white pants and a selection of red, white and blue tops.

The clothing itself holds true to the crisp aesthetic of the Ralph Lauren brand, offering classic styles in patriotic red, white and blue. With everything from blazers to T-shirts and boat shoes to belts, the Ralph Lauren Olympic attire delivers an unmatched style, all while keeping in mind the true focus of the Olympics: the athletes.

Looking to purchase a piece of Olympic sartorial history? Check out THL’s favorites from the women’s collection and remember — when you purchase anything from the Team USA collection, proceeds will help support the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Favorite top: The Team USA Cotton Jersey Tee. You too can represent the red, white and blue with this tee from Ralph Lauren’s Team USA collection. A traditional short-sleeved tee with a bold “USA” emblazoned across the chest, this tee proudly proclaims your support for Team USA not just during Olympic season, but all year round. Price: $55.

Favorite bottom: The Team USA Stretch Legging. If watching the Games inspires you to train like an athlete, now you’ll have the proper attire to do so. With friction-minimizing flat seams and a patriotic flair, these leggings are sure to motivate you to work out like a champion. Price: $98.50.

Favorite accessory: The Team USA Crosscourt Cap. Proudly proclaim your support for Team USA with this cotton-mesh hat that features the traditional U.S. Olympic Team logo at the front, the year at the side and the Ralph Lauren logo at the back. Price: $49.50.

If you can’t make it to the Games in Rio, at least you can support Team USA in style from the homeland!

Happy Shopping!


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