Wear what you want

You’ve never needed permission to feel comfortable in your own skin or to wear exactly what you’ve always wanted to wear — that’s exactly the message behind a new hashtag that circulating around Instagram.

According to ELLE, Los Angeles plus-size blogger Simone Mariposa started the movement when she posted some photos of herself all decked out in her most stylish looks accompanied with the hashtag, “#WeWearWhatWeWant.”

From swimsuit looks to stylish dresses, ELLE reports that the message behind her stylish photos is “that women actually dress for themselves, not men, not other women, and certainly not for the trolls in the comments section—has taken off.”

Since her initial posts, Buzzfeed reports that hundreds of women have joined the movement, posting their own photos wearing what they love.

From swimsuits to crop tops, from models like Tess Holliday to other gorgeous women from around the world,  each woman proved that they deserve to wear exactly what makes them feel beautiful — after all, women should be dressing for themselves and no one else.

To see more photos from the #WeWearWhatWeWant Instagram movement, click here.


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