No style rules for McCarthy

Size shouldn’t dictate what you can and cannot wear — that’s what Melissa McCarthy believes.

According to Mic the Ghostbusters star recently took down the confining rules placed on women’s plus-size clothing in an interview with Chelsea Handler, saying that clothing above a certain size is often designed to not only implicitly tell women what they can and can’t pull off, but to also limit their fashion choices.

After I was a size 12, it was like, apparently I’m done dressing!” McCarthy said, according to Mic. “Like, you literally can’t go into a store and find anything, which I’d love for everyone to know.”

Creator and designer of her own clothing line — Melissa McCarthy Seven7 — McCarthy has long voiced her opinion on the problems with plus-size, according to Mic, even telling More magazine that it can be hard for friends of different sizes to shop together because “your store is upstairs hidden by the tire section.”

So for her own clothing line, McCarthy makes things a little easier, offering sizes ranging from a two to a 28W which would allow friends of different sizes to shop for the same styles. She has, however, seen that some still confine plus-size women to often contradictory rules.

“Certain stores buy only certain sizes because that’s what they carry, but I’ve had people say, like, ‘Well, women above a size 10 don’t really want to wear print and they would never wear red,'” she said, according to Mic. “Women don’t want sleeves. Women only want sleeves. Nobody wants a pocket. Nobody would wear a pant.”

While the fashion industry and some retailers buy into this line of thinking, McCarthy certainly doesn’t.

“The nobodies, the shouldn’ts, what you can’t do, what you can do … and I’m always usually sitting there wearing what they’re telling me nobody will wear,” she said, according to Mic. “You can’t make those blanket statements. It’s like everybody wants to compartmentalize and put women in these little boxes and … it’s just all stupid.”

That’s why Melissa McCarthy Seven7 offers a range of styles, prints, trends and silhouettes designed to fit women of all sizes — even those who the fashion industry says shouldn’t be wearing such designs.

“Women don’t stop,” McCarthy said, according to Mic. “I don’t know why I would stop at a certain size.”

To check out Melissa McCarthy Seven7, click here.



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