White-ing the way

On July 28, Hillary Clinton became the first female to ever receive and accept the nomination of a major party for the office of president of the United States. Despite the historic moment, many focused on her choice of an all-white pantsuit — and for good reason.

According to Glamour, Clinton “honored the suffragists of the early 1900s with her white outfit,” citing the New York Times who reported that white was “often worn by women in the suffrage movement of the 1910s during their demonstrations, the activists most likely believing the hue stood for the purity of their cause. (In America, they paired it with purple—representing loyalty—and gold; British suffragists wore it with purple and green.)”

Glamour also points out that when Geraldine Ferraro accepted her nomination as the first woman vice presidential candidate at the Democratic National Convention in 1984, she also wore an all-white ensemble.

Perhaps an even subtler reference was found by an ELLE reader, who shared with the magazine that “white is also the color worn by Wellesley students at graduation and at reunions” — and Clinton is a Wellesley class of 1969 alum.

No matter your politics, it’s safe to say that infusing fashion with history for such a significant occasion surely makes for an iconic moment that will be discussed for years to come.

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