Comfortable heels are coming

If you’ve ever dreamed of putting on your favorite pair of sky-high heels and wearing them for hours without pain, then celebrity stylist Neil J. Rodgers is coming to your rescue.

According to Glamour, the former stylist to stars like Beyoncé, Anna Kendrick and Gugu Mbatha Raw has added a new title to his resume: shoe designer. Rodgers just released a line of shoes under his namesake that is designed to be both fashionable and comfortable.

Glamour reports that Rodgers’ designs are different from others because “all of the pumps include hybrid foam rubber padding that is thicker than that used in comparable designer Italian-made pumps.” Meanwhile, the toe box — the front of the shoe — is also a little longer and offers a bit more room, according to Glamour, making the shoes more comfortable than those from competing designers.

While its a given that the shoes are at the pinnacle of style, they are even designed with shortcuts to keeping your body looking its best.

“The ankle straps dip forward ever so slightly to lengthen the legs,” Glamour says, “while the heels on the Mary Janes are slightly cutaway, making the foot look daintier.”

So what’s the verdict on Rodgers’ new line? He told Glamour that celebrities like Sarah Paulson, Octavia Spencer, Jane Fonda and Maya Rudolph have all worn his designs and given rave reviews, even purchasing shoes for themselves later on.

“I feel this is really a testament to the comfort and versatility of the line, so I’m thrilled!” Rodgers told Glamour.

Rodgers’ collection starts at $575, and is available on the designer’s website.

THL’s Favorite: The Danielle Mesh Pump. Offering an updated take on the classic look, this pump features a mesh-covered cutout at the counter of the shoe while also delivering a body-lengthening pointed-toe silhouette. Available in must-have neutrals like nude, gray and black, this heel is well worth its $575 price tag since you’re sure to get years of wear out of it.

2 thoughts on “Comfortable heels are coming

  1. Its good to see that people are always seeking to improve and challenge the current shoe industry. However you can lengthen the toe box all you want but some people need wider higher toe boxes. Have yet to see a luxury designer to offer different width fittings.


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