H&M makes metallics glow

Fall is quickly approaching, and just as we change out our wardrobes for the season, so too do we swap out our summer makeup for more autumn-inspired looks.

Cue H&M’s new fall 2016 makeup collection, which packs all of the season’s major trends into an affordable line. Marie Claire reports that the retailer’s new, limited-edition “Precious Glow” collection offers a host of metallic makeup options — including “metallic lipstick, gilded brows, foil-effect shadows and crystal eye gems” all for $15 and under.

Each product makes a statement, offering bold, shimmering looks with pops of color, sparkling gems and iridescent shadows, so when you wear one of H&M’s new products, be sure to pick one feature on your face that you’d like to highlight and make that the star of your look.

Our two favorite ways to make a statement with your new H&M makeup:

The Fluid Foil Liquid Eyeshadow: Available in gold and silver, this liquid eyeshadow will deliver a rich, concentrated metallic color that is sure to make for a dramatic look. Price: $9.99.

The Let it Glow Body Oil: A more subtle approach to the trendy metallic look, this shimmering body oil will cast bronzy sheen all over your body and make it seem as if your are glowing from the inside out.

Happy Shopping!

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