Neutral is the new naked

Naked is sexy — especially when it comes to Urban Decay‘s new Naked Palette.

The makeup brand officially launched the latest version of its famous Naked Palette, says Cosmopolitan, featuring 12 brand-new neutral shades. Officially called the Naked Ultimate Basics palette, the kit offers new, subtle colors that are not to be mistaken for those included in previous palettes, reports Cosmopolitan.

“This third palette installment of the Naked Basics trilogy not only combines the yellow-based nudes of the first palette and the taupe nudes of the second, but it also contains new orange, red, and gray nudes as well for a set that is twice the size of the other basics,” Cosmopolitan says of the newest palette. “It also comes in new square packaging, which is much easier to travel with than the original Naked palettes.”

The new palette comes after Urban Decay’s noted break from more neutral shades to release bold lipsticks and palettes, says Cosmopolitan, so their return to nudes is exciting for makeup junkies and occasional wearers alike.

Can’t wait to get your hands on the new palette? he Naked Ultimate Basics palette will be available on Sept. 18 for $55 — and so you don’t miss the new palette, you can sign up now to be notified when the palette arrives on Urban Decay’s website.

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