Perry pushes talents into shoe design

As if being a Grammy-nominated recording artist and a newly-minted makeup designer weren’t enough, Katy Perry is pushing her talents into fashion design — and the results are just as whimsical and bold as you’d expect.

Glamour released sketches of the songstress’ forthcoming line, showing styles that place “Katy’s effervescent, bubbly personality and style” into a pair of heels.

One design incorporates multicolored stars in a strappy cage heel, offering a nod to 2015 Superbowl look, according to Glamour, while another seems to have silver fringe covering the heel of a cobalt blue open-toe heel.

The most whimsical of the designs thus far: a red race-car inspired look, complete with windshield-like vamp and a grille encompassing the outer toe box.

While Glamour doesn’t specify when shoppers can expect the line to hit stores, one thing is for sure — these new styles definitely have Perry’s footprints all over them.

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