New director steps up to the mic for ‘Pitch Perfect 3’

While the Barden Bellas stole our hearts in the first two Pitch Perfect films, the singing group is set to hit the silver screen under the guidance of a new director.

According to The WrapTrish Sie will take over the directing duties from Elizabeth Banks, who announced Sie’s arrival following her departure from the franchise.

Banks took to Twitter to share the news, says The Wrap, with Sie later her excitement over her new job in a tweet of her own.

“It’s like Xmas, 4th of July & my bday all at once, only better! Sie tweeted, according to The Wrap.

Although it is obvious that the film is undergoing some changes, it will still hold true to its previous two installments, as The Wrap reports that Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow will all star in the film, while Banks and her husband Max Handelman are on track to produce the project.


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