Christian Siriano show features plus-size models

This fall’s New York Fashion Week has been nothing short of revolutionary. Beyond the cutting-edge styles featured, we’ve seen models in hijabs for the first time, and thanks to Christian Siriano, we’ve now seen all sizes represented on the runway.

According to Glamour, Siriano sent five plus-size models down the runway for his fashion week show, while also dressing plus model Ashley Graham who watched the show from the front row.

This all comes on the heels of several attempts made by the designer to make fashion available to all sizes and body types. Glamour not only points out the now-famous red dress he made for Leslie Jones to attend her Ghostbusters premiere, but also the wedding dress he custom-made plus-size blogger Nicolette Mason as examples of his efforts to promote size diversity.

But beyond designing stunning looks for actresses, models and bloggers, Glamour says Siriano is also making his design talents even more accessible through his new collaboration with Lane Bryant. The limited-edition collection features everything from midi dresses and wrap coats to jumpsuits and jeans, and pieces start at $38.94 — a truly accessible line for all price points and sizes.

Telling Glamour about his runway show preparation, Siriano shared just how he and his team made sure their sample sizes would fit curvier models.

“We preplanned a little bit,” he told Glamour. “We knew we wanted to have curvy girls in the show, so we pre-made things that I thought would work on their bodies. I made 12s, 14s, and 16s in pieces I thought would look good on those sizes, and then we altered them on the girls. Who, by the way, came in our normal casting. It was amazing. We saw 450 girls!”

Now that Siriano is all about making style attainable for all sizes, he mentioned to Glamour that he hopes to broaden the range of sizes he offers in the future.

“We go up to a 14, in general,” he said, “but I would like to stock size 20 and 22.”

But for now, Siriano is still slowly plugging away at an industry built on size exclusivity — and he’s doing it one design at a time.

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