‘Celebs Have Issues’ with the wage gap

The gender wage gap is a lingering problem that plagues women around the United States and around the world, yet the enduring issue has recently become the object of satire in a new video by the Huffington Post.

The online publication recently released a new series entitled, “Celebs Have Issues,” in which the Huffington Post says “famous people use comedy to raise awareness about important issues.”

The first installment of the series stars actress Kristen Bell, who tackles the issue of the wage gap in a comical — yet all-too-true — video in which she teaches “American businesses how to cut labor costs without resorting to outsourcing,” according to Slate. Just how can business curtail their spending? By hiring women, Bell insists in the video.

“Why outsource all of your production to far-away countries like India, China and Narnia when we have the cheapest and best workforce right here in the good ole US of A: women,” Bell quips in the video.

She goes on to introduce a faux company called, “Pinksourcing,” which only pays their female workers 77 cents to a dollar — just like the average wage gap in the United States. But the video doesn’t gloss over another latent problem in the disparity: changes in earnings by race. As Bell announces the average earnings of 77 cents to a dollar, a Black woman stands up and proclaims she only makes 60 cents, while a Latina woman says she makes 55 cents.

The two-minute video goes on to lay out other “perks” of hiring women that address common women’s rights issues, such as a lack of proper maternity leave programs and a lack of coverage for birth control options.

After all of the benefits of hiring women are laid out, Bell closes the video with Pinksourcing’s slogan: “Pretty, cheap labor,” reminding viewers yet again of the issues and stereotypes surrounding women in the workplace.

To watch the video in its entirety, click here.



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