Igniting the women of the future

With the 2016 election presenting the first female presidential nominee of a major party, seeing a woman at the center of the political arena is something of a recent development. But a new ad is aiming to teach girls that they do, in fact, have a place in politics.

According to the Huffington Post, IGNITE National, an “organization dedicated to fostering women’s ambition to pursue political office,” recently released an ad called, “We All Belong Here,” depicting a young girl with political ambitions. However, her dreams of becoming the president of the United States are cut short when her pursuits are discouraged by the adults in her life.

“They’ll joke that I’m bossy instead of telling me I’m a leader, so I’ll give up,” she says in the video, according to the Huffington Post. “What if grown-ups like my mom and dad, grandpa and grandma, and even my teachers just told me that I belonged here? I would believe them.”

But IGNITE National’s leadership is no stranger to this exact scenario. Founder and President of IGNITE Dr. Anne Moses first witnessed the disparity of women in politics as a young woman when she “watched as Anita Hill was eviscerated by an all-male Senate judiciary committee on national television,” says IGNITE’s bio, sharing that the issue made her realize that women will largely be ignored in political settings until equal rights are achieved.

To begin to secure such rights, IGNITE says Moses saw it imperative to reach young girls and instill in them the determination to fight for equality.

With a mission to teach girls that it’s more than possible to pursue a career in politics, the young presidential hopeful in the video gives voice to IGNITE’s goal when she says, “Tell me I can and I will.”


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