‘Real women’ star in British Vogue

The pages of Vogue are usually filled with high-fashion looks and industry it-girls, but British Vogue is about to depart from standard operations in order to feature some fresh faces.

According to Newsweekthe November issue of the glossy will feature “real women,” the edition will “explores topics including what ‘real’ beauty is, and how successful women work a wardrobe.”

Hitting newstands on Oct. 6, Newsweek says the concept for the magazine was partially inspired by Britain’s new prime minister — Theresa May — who has been known to don a pair of leopard pumps on occasion.

“Editor Alexandra Shulman said she commissioned the project because she felt strongly that professional women, or women in positions of authority or power, should be able to indulge their interest in fashion,” reports Newsweek. “Using British Prime Minister Theresa May as an example, Shulman said women should not be afraid of using fashion to stand out.”

Shulman told BBC that she hopes May’s example will inspire other women to not be afraid of receiving attention for their fashion.

“Now we have a prime minister who clearly enjoys thinking about how she dresses — and is not afraid to wear jazzy shoes, bright colours and clothes that draw attention rather than deflect it — there really is no excuse,” she said, according to Newsweek.

While models will still be featured in the advertisements, Newsweek says the magazine, dubbed the “Real Issue,” will also place professionals front and center, including women like architectural historian Shumi Bose and charity director Brita Fernandez Schmidt.

Although Shulman told BBC it was difficult to attain sample-size clothing for her non-models, Newsweek said it made her reconsider fashion for the “regular woman.”

“The combination of a newspaper commentariat — which is always keen to leap critically on a woman in the public eye who dresses even the slightest bit adventurously — alongside a professional culture that still encourages a conventional conformity, makes it hard for some women to dress the way they would really like to.”

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