Fox cast as first black female POTUS

With the potential for the first female president nearly within reach, Vivica A. Fox is taking the possible female presidency to the next level in her latest film role.

According to the Huffington Post, the Hollywood Reporter shared that the actress is set to take on the role of President Ellen Henricksen in sci-fi film, Crossbreed. Marking the first time an African American woman starts as U.S. president, the Huffington Post says the film depicts “a group of retired military war heroes who are sent to retrieve an extraterrestrial being.”

Brandon Slagle, the film’s director, explained to the Hollywood Reporter the decision to cast Fox this way:

“When my producers brought up the idea of Vivica in the role, it was a lightning bolt,” he said, according to the Huffington Post. “It was a fantastic idea. Someone who could light up a room but also has a commanding presence. Our president is positive and proactive, not the grim figure as is usually portrayed in these types of movies.”

While this is a first for film, the Huffington Post reports Alfre Woodard made history in 2014 for portraying the first black female president of the U.S. when she played Constance Peyton on NBC’s shortlived series, State of Affairs.


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