First-ever ‘Young Women’s Honors’ to be hosted by Marie Claire

Women are achieving amazing things, and Marie Claire recognizes that young women are reaching new heights every single day. That’s why the magazine is teaming up with actress Gina Rodriguez to celebrate the world’s future female leaders.

Marie Claire announced their first-ever Young Women’s Honors, an “awards ceremony presented by Clinique and hosted by Gina Rodriguez, aimed entirely at amazing female millennials doing amazing things” which is set to air on Dec. 19 on the CW network.

Explaining the ceremony’s purpose, the magazine’s editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider said that it is a natural extension of Marie Claire’s longstanding mission.

Marie Claire has a rich history of spotlighting women making a difference around the globe and I am constantly amazed by this new generation making change happen,” Fulenwider said, according to Marie Claire. “Marie Claire’s Young Women’s Honors will highlight these brilliant young women, and we hope to empower future generations to come.”

To select their honorees, candidates will be screened by a panel of judges, which includes Fulenwider, as well as “Clinique global brand president Jane Lauder, Lord & Taylor president Liz Rodbell, and Gina Rodriguez herself as chair,” reports Marie Claire.

For Rodriguez, the Honors are all about inspiring young women to pursue their dreams despite perceived roadblocks to success.

“My goal in creating Young Women’s Honors is to generate positivity, inclusivity, unlimited potential, and the possibility every woman is born with,” she said, according to Marie Claire. “As a young Latina, I had to break down barriers and overcome naysayers. When you see someone following their dreams, it gives you allowance to follow your own.”

For more information on the Young Women’s Honors, click here.


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