Leibovitz and Steinem collaborate for ‘portraits’

In 1999, renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz worked on a book collaboration with her partner of 15 years, Susan Sontag, called Women. Left incomplete, Leibovitz has since resurrected the project, according to Women in the World, and she’s getting some help from one of the most well-known feminist figures of our time.

Women in the World reports that the reboot of the project — Women: New Portraits — kicked off with a portrait of 82-year-old political activist Gloria Steinem. But beyond the creation of a new book, Women in the World reports that Leibovitz and Steinem have embarked on a “10-city international tour,  exposing the work through the use of pop-up sites, where the audience joins the two women in talking circles led by Steinem.”

Each city showcases new portraits, bringing the book to life with every stop on the tour while addressing a range of topics from “sexual violence perpetrated against women in Mexico City to life in the tech world of San Francisco.”

Women in the World says the project also attempts to advance the idea of “capturing women’s character rather than their physical beauty” that Sontag (who died in 2004) wrote about in the earlier edition of the book.

The tour stops in New York City on Nov. 18, setting up shop in a former women’s prison that Women in the Worlreports was damaged and closed after Hurricane Sandy. But once the exhibition closed on Dec. 11, “the structure will be transformed into the Women’s Building — a future hub for women’s groups and service, slated to open in 2020,” Women in the World reports.

For more information about the project, click here.

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