Women celebrating women

When women support each other, something magical happens. And nothing is more evident than that in a new ad campaign from Ann Taylor.

According to ELLE, the retailer has teamed up with the hit Broadway musical, Waitress, for “an initiative that celebrates women collaborating with women.” Waitress seems to be a natural fit as the campaign’s first partner, as ELLE reports it made history as the first Broadway musical to have a creative team staffed entirely by females, with Sara Bareilles serving as the musical’s composer.

“The all-female creative team of Waitress was never something that was planned — these women are all at the very top of their fields, and that is why they got the job,” Waitress director Diane Paulus told ELLE. “I love that we can celebrate that with this production and also encourage the next generation of young women to aspire to leadership roles in the arts.”

Starring Paulus and Waitress star and Tony award-winner Jessie Mueller, ELLE reports that the collaboration will benefit the Adrienne Shelly Foundation, which is “named after the late writer of the 2007 movie Waitress is based on,” and aims to support female filmmakers.

The collaborations also offers something more than inspirational ads and charitable donations — ELLE says that Ann Taylor will be offering their email subscribers 30 percent off Waitress tickets as part of the campaign’s launch.

To learn more about the campaign, click here.


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