‘Les Glorieuses’ fight for pay equity

The fight for pay equality isn’t just an issue unique to the United States — it affects women around the world. But women in France are not going to take it anymore.

According to Women in the World, French women’s rights activists encouraged women to leave work at exactly 4:34 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 7, all in an effort to shed light on pay equity in the workplace.

Marking the time that women stop being paid at their jobs according to the pay gap in France, Women in the World says the exact time was calculated by feminist group, Les Glorieuses. “In other words,” Women in the World reports, “women must work 38.2 more days per year than men to earn the same salary.”

A protest followed their exodus from work, with many of the photos being posted to social media with the hashtag, “#16H34,” says Women in the World.

Referring to the time women could stop working if they were paid a similar wage to men, Women in the World says the feminist group’s newsletter explained, “If women were paid as much as men, they could stop working on November 7 at 16.34” — a problem they argue “hides other inequalities. Women also do unpaid work, like household tasks.”

While the protests did disrupt the workday, it did draw support from France’s women’s rights minister Laurence Rossignol, according to Women in the World.

“When women protest, they make visible what is invisible,” Rossignol told Le Parisien, Women in the World reports. “I support them.”


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