Rent the Runway arrives at Neiman Marcus

If you’ve ever wanted to achieve high-fashion looks without having to pay a high price, Neiman Marcus is about to make your dreams a reality.

According to InStyle, luxury fashion loaner Rent the Runway is partnering with the department store to make shopping for designer looks even more accessible. Opening in select Neiman Marcus stores across the United States — starting with the Stockton Street location in San Francisco — InStyle says the inclusion of Rent the Runway stores within Neiman Marcus stores “allows customers to borrow parts of their look from Rent the Runway, then purchase other item to complete it from Neiman Marcus’s giant inventory.”

Not only do customers get the chance to decide which items to rent or purchase to complete their looks, InStyle also says Rent the Runway will offer appointments with stylists who will select pieces for your look based on your online customer profile. Other features of the collaboration will include the ability to secure last-minute rentals and an in-person customer service area for help with orders and returns.

Ready to rent the runway with Neiman Marcus? Forbes reports that the first location opened on Nov. 18, while future locations will be unveiled throughout 2017.

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