Giving thanks

Life is rarely perfect. We may experience fleeting moments that seem too good to be true, but seldom are they perfect; there is always something that could be better, something that could elevate that fleeting moment, bringing it one step closer to our idea of perfection.

But here’s the thing — perfection is elusive. In fact, perfection’s evasive nature may suggest that it doesn’t even exist, leading us in pursuit of something that we will never attain. It is this pursuit of perfection, this drive to have more that can sometimes blind us to what we already have. We — myself included — tend to get swept up in this chase, setting out in search of more while neglecting to take stock of what we currently have in the palms of our hands.

So when Thanksgiving Day comes, it reminds me to pause, to consider the countless blessings I have in my life already. To think about all of the people in my life that I am lucky to know and love, to reflect on the opportunities that have come my way, to remember what a gift it is to be alive, healthy and happy.

These are the things that matter the most. These are the things that the chase for more, for perfection can obscure, yet these are the things that will always — no matter what — bring me the most comfort and the most joy. These are the things for which I am grateful, not just this Thanksgiving Day, but every single day.

While I admit that I have at times been blinded in my own pursuit of more, I also know that this quest has allowed another blessing to take root in my life: Take Her Lead.

Almost a year and a half ago, I created this site in the hopes of inspiring women and girls of all ages, shedding light on those working to make our world a better place while also (hopefully) spurring readers to action. It is through THL that I’ve had the chance to speak with some incredible people; from the Just, Girl Project’s Ilana Harkavy, to mentor and former Senior Vice President of Global Communications for DKNY International Aliza Licht, to the Creator and “Chief Fire Starter” of activewear company SparkFire Active Samantha Hodgkins, I’ve been lucky enough to share their stories in an effort to inspire others to be the change they wish to see in their communities and in their lives.

However, their stories haven’t just been for the benefit of the readers; they have — in every way — shaped, changed and touched my life in a way that I could have never imagined. They have given me the fuel to keep writing, to keep trying to incite change through my writing. And you, dear readers, have further sparked my passion; by commenting, following and interacting with this site in any way, you have added so much to this site and to my life. Allowing THL into your lives in turn allows me to do what I love every single day, and I could not be more thankful for this unique opportunity.

So yes: I have pursued more, yet it has added more to my life. I have pursued better because I hope to make the world a better place, one article and one interview at a time. I know perfection is unattainable, but knowing that I have so much to be grateful for feels pretty perfect to me.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I hope you’re spending it with those who mean the most; I know I am.










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