GLAM4GOOD provides for those in need

While fashion’s primary purpose is to help women feel stylish and beautiful, it had a dual-purpose on Saturday, Nov. 19 when when GLAM4GOOD hosted its BKLYN BUNDLE UP event.

According to the New York Daily News, fashion and charity combined when GLAM4GOOD gave almost 350 women-in-need a “shopping spree for free,” allowing them to choose a warm, yet fashionable winter coat to get them through the winter in style. Staged as a party of sorts, GLAM4GOOD founder Mary Alice Stephenson told the Daily News that the event is about “honoring courage, empowering self-esteem and helping people in need,” but without making women and girls in need “feel like a charity case.”

Taking place at Downtown Brooklyn’s new City Point venue, the Daily News says the BKLYN BUNDLE UP featured a DJ, fresh-baked donuts from Sweet Dreams Bakers and coats from over 50 designers and companies who donated their goods to the cause.

Perhaps board member of GLAM4GOOD and former host of TLC’s What Not to Wear Stacy London captured the essence of the effort best when she explained it to the Daily News this way:

“We try to give back. Glamor is about self-esteem, self-worth, and how you carry yourself in the world.”

To learn more about GLAM4GOOD, click here.

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