Rowling gifts books to young Syrian girl

J.K. Rowling just made a young girl’s wish come true — and it was all made possible because of a single tweet.

According to TIME, 7-year-old Bana Alabed’s mother took to Twitter to ask the Harry Potter author how she could get her hands on a Harry Potter book; after watching the film, she said her daughter wanted nothing more than to read the text.

Based in Aleppo, Syria — the center of a heated civil war — TIME says the books are not available in the war-torn area for Alabed to read. But after reaching out to Rowling, Alabed’s wish of reading Harry Potter came true: TIME reports that Rowling and her team were able to send her an e-book. Alabed even shared a photo on Twitter  on Wednesday, Nov. 23 to send her thanks to the author.

Never underestimate the power of a single tweet — or of one generous heart.

To see Alabed’s Twitter exchange with Rowling, click here.


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